Kualiti Alam Sdn. Bhd. (Kualiti Alam) was incorporated on 9 December 1991, and operates Malaysia’s first integrated waste management system. The system constitutes complete management of scheduled waste from collection at the waste generator’s premises to transportation, analysis, treatment and final disposal.

Leachate is formed when rain water percolates through the disposed waste in hazardous and rubber sludge landfills. The rain water reacts with the products of decomposition, chemicals and other materials in the waste to produce the leachate. As the liquid moves through the landfill, many organic and inorganic compounds, like heavy metals, are transported in the leachate.

A new leachate treatment plant was constructed to cater for 400 cubic meters of leachate per day. The treatment process consists of: equalization, suspended solids and heavy metals removal, de-nitrification, nitrification, Fenton oxidation, adsorption and multi media filtration.

Equalization tank and secondary clarifier

Chemical treatment

Clarifiers for various treatment stages